Partnering with private  practice physicians who want to get to the next level.

We provide the resources physicians need to avoid making costly business mistakes so they can focus on patient care.

Consulting Packages we offer:

Recruiting Package

This package is to help find office staff for  private practices. 

Package Includes:

We post the ad and bring you good quality candidates.

We do an initial interview and check their references before we send them to the practice.

We can help find you MAs, schedulers, office managers, nurses, mid-levels and physicians.

Headache Package

This is for established physicians who are frustrated with 1-3 things in their practice.

Package Includes:

We find out what the physician’s goals are. We figure out a plan of action to achieve those goals.

We can help the physician implement the changes if needed.

Customized Package

This package is for established private practices.

Package Includes:

Free 30 minute call to see what kind of package you might need.

3 month discovery period to find out exactly what is going on in your practice.

bi-weekly reports 

Presented with 3 additional service lines to your practice to increase profitability. 

Residency Consulting Package

This package is for medical/ dental residents.

Package Includes:

Unlimited access to video library

Unlimited access to consulting

Access to our network of vetted experts

Just the Basics

This package is for physicians who want to transition into private practice and like to do things themselves.

Package Includes:

Unlimited access to video library

Receive a check list of everything they need to do to set themselves up and successly start a new practice.

Receive access to our network of vetted industry experts.

All Inclusive Package

This package is for physicians who want to transition into private practice, but they are very busy and would like us to take care of everything.

Package Includes:

We can help the physician find a place to lease or build on.

We can help with credentialing, setting up their company, decorating and find office equipment, setting up the IT person and everything else needed to set up a practice.

We will present the physician with options and handle the rest.

Transition made easy

A few minutes of your time could make your life less stressful.

We work with residents and newly practicing physicians who are interested in transitioning into private practice. We will provide you with the resources you need so you don’t have to waste your time on figuring out to do and who you should be working with.   We can also brainstorm on ways to make your practice run more efficiently, which will  result in being more profitable.  Schedule a free 30 minute call.

Here’s how we can help:

Whether you are a resident, new practicing physician, or an established one, you’re excited to move forward in your medical career—but sometimes you feel overwhelmed.  It’s the business-y parts that keep you up at night: decisions about how to start your own practice,  joining a private group practice, how to get referrals, billing, and lots more.

Not knowing what’s next or how to get there is nerve-racking. Business Savvy Physician can help.

physician getting filmed

Feel confident about your next steps as a medical professional.

As a member of Business Savvy Physician, you’ll have immediate access to an entire library of short, practical, basic business videos to help you make profitable business decisions. You will also have access to our large network or mentors and experts who work with physicians.

Check out some short clips from our videos (click FREE Videos) .

Our expert physicians have a combined total of 79 years of real-world experience in their respective fields.

That means you’ll get practical guidance from professionals who’ve been in the trenches their whole career.

We’ve done the homework for you.

You don’t have time to watch long lectures, read business how-to books, or wander all over the internet trying to figure out your next steps. Our video library is packed with easy-to-search, bite-sized videos to help you succeed in business quickly and on your own schedule.

What is an RVU?
Am I best suited to work in a hospital? A private group? Start my own practice?
If I’m on my own, how do I get patients?
What other revenue streams should I consider?
What do I need to know about billing and coding?
How do I pay back my student loans?
What kind of financing options do I have to buy into a practice or start my own?

What your peers are saying

“Our medical curriculum does an excellent job preparing us for evaluating symptoms, diagnosing pathology, and treating patients. Unfortunately, it does a very poor job preparing us for the business of healthcare. Young physicians are left to simply learn this part of the practice of medicine on their own with few resources available. I only wish Business Savvy Physician was around before I entered practice.”

-Dr. Savage

What your peers are saying

“Business savvy physician is an outstanding resource that fills a glaring hole in medical education. Training programs offer zero insight on the business side of starting a practice. Young physicians are left to the perils of trial and error. I wish this information was available 20 years ago!”

– Dr. Uhland

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